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why should i go to upenn

It also has so many options for getting involved in activities outside of class. The arts and sciences (aka the liberal arts) prepare you for life. People complain that it's too big and impersonal but trust me there's so many student services as well as nice faculty that are glad to help you out if you act as an adult and take the initiative to seek help. Although these are two completely different areas of study, I am looking into completing a pre-med major or an international relations major. The dreaded exams, essays, and details required make the admissions process a grueling one. The college town is amazing. No other school has such a great amount of pride, and why shouldn’t we? Everyone is smart. I'm kind of scared of the administration. I was hesitating between Penn and Columbia since location was my main criterion, but I'm glad I came here after much thought. He'd been a highly-trained chef and the photographs showed him in bright white standing in gleaming kitchens at the head of teams of cooks. They all just say "Oh, that's nice." In fact, students often leave their laptops completely unattended in the library while they go and get food or go to the gym. This prompt reads: If your current status does not align with the priority codes noted, you will need to wait until the waitlist opens. The University City area, where Penn is located ,has a few businesses that cater to students, but it is not an overwhelming presence. My senior year of high school I applied to 19 schools. One thing I'd change - David Rittenhouse Labs. Penn is a great school with great people. The University of Pennsylvania academically is one of the best schools in the world, but unlike its Ivy League counterparts it has and is known for its strong social culture. Whether it’s throwing toast at Homecoming, screaming at midnight with your 600+ classmates the night before your first Econ midterm, or attending the freshman toga party there’s something special about each of these silly rituals. Many people (especially older ones who do not have teenaged children) are apt to mix the two up which can be slightly demeaning if you are proud of your academics achievements (though maybe not your athletic ones). But there is enough going on on campus that you needn't go into center Philly if you don't want to. Innovative Learning. The best thing about Penn is the opportunity to do just about everything. Very few people actually know what (or where) the school is. ... For all of you prospective students, I hope this gave you a nice little insight to why you should apply to MIT. If someone wants to attend UPenn, they should be doing it because they want to, not that they are being forced, or they will truly detest their time here. the best thing about Penn is the location of the campus. Spring fling is just around the corner, the best party in the Northeast. Why should I go to Tufts? people everywhere -"Where's that?" The social life there is great, which is one of the reasons I chose it over the University of Washington - Seattle. The tutors behind Varsity Tutors are not just here to teach – they’re sharing their college experiences as well. 1 College Hall, Room 1, I love the English Department classes and Professors. Start a business, manage a clothing brand, or even build a new car – with a degree from Wharton you can go wherever your path leads you and be more effective in the career you choose. People just know how to find balance here. The top 10 reasons why you should go to Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). What was the biggest recent controversy on campus? The school's most famous strengths overall are in somewhat vocational areas: journalism/communications, business, medicine (including veterinary medicine) and nursing, &c. I even picked up really quickly that every time you see a campus tour parading by to scream, “WE ARE PENN STATE” as loud as you can. All students are motivated to do well, but also passionate about multiple interests. it's making the school look really bad because they're doing this giant cover up. I may have a chance to attend Emory, Davidson, and UPenn. At Penn, we pride ourselves on having a strong work-life or school-fun balance. The resources available to students are phenomenal, however in some of the schools grading can be a bit tough. Depending on the … Everybody on campus goes through these moments together knowing every Penn student before them has done the same. The quality of student here is outstanding, personalities and ambitions in all, but in my mind the students are the only thing that holds up the shoddy infrasture and administration of the school. As a result, the Computer Engineering major includes a steady stream of hands-on projects where students build, measure, and test hardware and software systems. Think about why you are applying to the school in the first place, and brainstorm, choosing a few ideas that you can elaborate on in an essay. I would also add more green space. IMPORTANT: You must be officially admitted to M&T or the dual-degree program in order to receive the dual degrees. Finally, while the “Why Michigan” and “Why UPenn” examples go for breadth, discussing many different reasons; the “Why Cornell” example discusses fewer reasons but with more depth. You should begin by talking to faculty and staff of the Ph.D. program you are interested in regarding the program’s requirements. Now, you have the precious opportunity both to explore broadly and to focus intensely on what matters most to you. people from philly- "Woahh...UPenn! I feel the UA, or undergraduate assembly, definitely works and listens to the students, implementing a lot of their suggestions within a year or two. Most people just say "Penn" While I loved my childhood in New York suburbia, there’s something special about the urban energy of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA 19104-6376. Your dedication to learning is part of what drew you here, and part of what we found so appealing about you. From how the university deals with clubs and fraternities, to how they accomodate living situations and campus dining, I constantly feel like I am being robbed and slapped in the face by an administration that does not care about its undergraduate students. My dad said that he will most likely be able to afford to pay $1,500 a month but that won’t make a dent in the payment. STILL DEBATING on which COLLEGE MAJORS to choose? Penn is a master of advertisement. I will always remember when I was at Penn for accepted student days, one of the guys flyering for a party invited my mom. Penn is a campus where innovation and research is encouraged and fulfilled. Middle-Class Clash. But, if you prefer a traditional campus and college community, Penn offers that as well. The admin staff in general does not care about you, and makes every effort to make you feel as uncomfortable and pissed off as you can. Also, because Dartmouth is so small, you can easily walk from your dorm to your classes. i go to upenn too!" I'm currently working on a two-year project to promote female empowerment … Spring Fling, Hey Day, Senior Week, etc), but in general people are sort of apathetic about school spirit. It becomes pretty intimate pretty quickly once you find your crowd. Students should consult with a representative from the school they select to learn more about career opportunities in that field. Most Penn students are extremely proud to be a part of their school, but a big complaint is a constant need to differentiate between the University of Pennsylvania and Penn State University in State College, PA. From the moment you step on campus you are engulfed in a sea of people; many of which are sporting white and blue or some other form of Nittany Lion gear. But not only are they smart, they're hard-working and actually doing exciting things. It's a city school but it still has a beautiful campus. SinkOrSwim123 223 replies 12 threads Junior Member. The biggest recent controversy was when Stetson, the Dean of Admissions, just up and left and we still don't know why. However, most people who "matter" (i.e. Penn is located in Philadelphia, but the school has its own campus, which many colleges in cities do not. Program outcomes vary according to each institution’s specific program curriculum. School size - I like it. There is a decent amount of school pride. The second best part goes hand in hand with the campus: you have the option of living "off campus" without actually being off campus. Your UPenn essay is an important part of your application. If you are a Wharton student you should contact the Legal Studies & Business Ethics Department Advisor at lgstundergradadvisor@wharton.upenn.edu, and discuss how you plan to satisfy the Minor. Admission … Save that money for … There is a pretty good amount of internal school pride, but unfortunately a lot of people outside the Penn community seem to have never heard of Penn. So what does this mean for you? The best thing to do at penn is go to the museum of archeology because it is very interesting. I want to know what they do with our ridiculous endowment. I would pick UPenn if you want a nice campus experience, focus on academic excellence (though it is still called the party ivy), location (Philly, $20 return bus ride to NYC) and many other reasons. It's not about how smart they sound when they talk to you on the way to class... We talk about parties and movies and books like everyone else. that also accept Penn volunteers. I love traditions, exploring (whether that be on campus or off), and meeting new people— all of which makes Penn the perfect fit for me. They don't know it's Ivy League. West Philadelphia is not the nicest or safest place in the world. I guess this my time to rant on UPenn. The sources for school statistics and data is the U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics and the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System. When I tell people I go to UPenn, they say "Main Campus?" While anybody can find community, fun, and great faculty at just about any school, Penn was the only university that offered a traditional campus and a bustling city, a place rich with history but focused on innovation, and, a personal big draw, the Quad. We get both. How do people react when I tell them I go to Penn? We have an awesome gym a few blocks away from anywhere, a huge library, another library, lots of study areas, and *most* of the classrooms (ie Wharton) are well fitted with technology, although the interiors are sometimes very unwelcoming. Well loads of other schools seem to have similar threads so lets make one for PENN. Financial Aid/Scholarships. Penn students don’t have to pick between urban energy or a traditional campus. It is the perfect blend of a campus life located in a city and the perfect example of a school with well-rounded students. The next day I might wander into Chinatown, roam around Rittenhouse Square, or visit historic landmarks in Old City. Most frequent student complaints - Locust Walk is flat. “If you don’t understand the customer and you don’t understand the marketing focus of a business you’re going to be missing a big part of the understanding of the overall business,” Prof. Kahn … If that's the sort of thing you're looking for, you should look elsewhere. Penn is also called the “Social Ivy,” and it really is. Now, as a current student in the College of Arts and Sciences, I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Not to mention that there is not one semester where I file a petition for something, and only one has been accepted. The best thing about Penn is its social scene - we have a great mixture of scenes and there's something for everyone. That is possibly the most important essay. I hate slush. It is the school with the highest percentage of students with internships. It makes itself seem like some resource rich in a phenomenal city with a burgeoning social scene. it's the heartbeat of the campus. And you can't know West Philly without going into their schools. I spent weeks creating pros and cons lists of every university. Philadelphia is a city more than a "college town," but it is home to quite a few universities (like Temple, University of the Sciences, St. Joe's, Drexel, etc) and does cater to them somewhat. Corporate recruiting in Wharton is a very intense experience. It has proven to be a setback when applying for jobs to be lumped in with all the other state school applicants. At times, Penn can feel too large, however, once you settle down with your group of friends, it doesn't feel large anymore. I wouldn't change anything. I use to think the dorms were awful, but then I saw other universities' dorms. College town - it'd be more correct to say that Penn is a Philadelphia university than to say that Philadelphia is a college town. We have t-shirts that say "Not Penn State" for this exact reason. Some personal favorites are Dock Street Brewery (in a converted firehouse) and Dahlak (Ethiopian). Perhaps most importantly was this unique balance of city and campus. When surgeons start doing the same procedure in a new hospital, their patients’ mortality rates go up even … I’m currently a rising sophomore, so I’ve been at UPenn for one year so far. We have traditions that we do at each game, and Penn itself has some great traditions (i.e. To remain compliant with EU laws we would like to inform that this site uses cookies. This makes for the work hard, play hard attitude that so many of its students have. its a city school, but when actually in the campus itself and walking down locust walk, you would have no idea you were in the middle of philadelphia. Locust walk is where most students spend their time: either walking between classes, sitting at a table or on the green eating lunch, or flyering for their club. It's really easy to make really strong friendships this way. Class of 2019. back Click to Close. School pride: I think so. The biggest recent controversy is the departure of our Dean of Admissions, Lee Stetson. Just list your top reasons to go to PENN whatever it may be. They have more Penn pride than a 4th year senior about to graduate. I’m so lucky to be a part of this place.’”. An additional reason you might want to go into consulting is that it’s a safe bet. When you walk down Locust Walk, you feel like you're part of a true college environment. It’s less stressful than many other Ivies and schools, but not any easier. One experience I'll always remember - Freshman retreat at Newman. people everywhere - "Oh, Penn State?" She hosts an unforgettable halloween party every year. The Penn Computer Engineering (CMPE) major emphasizes design and engineering. Founded in 1740 by Benjamin Franklin, UPenn was the first university in the United States to offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees, and is also home to the nation’s first medical school, business school, and student union. I love that we have the city so close to campus - I have an internship downtown, and walk downtown when I need a change of pace. Brittany is a Miami tutor specializing in Algebra tutoring, MCAT prep tutoring, Chemistry tutoring, and more.She is a 2013 graduate of the University of Pennsylvania with a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I wanted to get some input on why some people chose UPenn over other great schools that may have offered admission to them(any other Ivy/any other top school). Penn is also known for its research and professional resources. I would really like to eventually be able to research and develop medicine, as far as a career goes. UPenn's administration is fine. While I’m passionate about art and journalism, I’m also a huge foodie. College town mos def. If you are looking for a Big-10 athletic spirit hub, this isn't a good choice, but events like the Homecoming or Princeton games will bring out some war paint and Penn pride on campus. Controversy regarding Islamo Facism Week. Not much school pride. Hmm, I think Penn is just right in size for me - not too large or small. People are very gossipy. There is a lot of school pride! Penn has a university campus within a major city, and students spend more time exploring downtown Philly after exhausting University City's shopping, restaurants, and bars. also, location-wise, penn is the perfect combination. In a major city that serves as a cultural center, and situated directly in a distressed part of that city. We appreciate that attending Penn is a tradition for many families, so an applicant’s affiliation with Penn, either by being a child or grandchild of alumni, is given the most consideration through Early Decision. No matter what career you are considering Penn is the place to be. Although University City revolves around Penn, the amount of activities around Philadelphia is amazing. Also known as "wintry mix" (that awful wet snow that makes the streets brown and gross) It’s a pretty exciting place to be, whether on campus or even just a few steps off. It is a funny sight to see an entire class of first year dental students decked from head to toe in penn dental apparel in a lecture hall. Replies to: Wondering if i should go to upenn or not #1. Where I spend most of my time: at the boathouse. University City (aka West Philadelphia, where Penn is) is a great balance of college town/not college town. Put another way: this essay wants you to be specific about why you want to go to Tufts and prove to the admissions committee that it's the right school for you! Downtown Philly is awesome, although I do wish I had more time to check it out. Best thing about Penn - the people. This is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Among scholars and those who went to Ivy Leagues, it is well known. Penn is also located in West Philadelphia, a fact that the admissions people tend to neglect. If you want amazing professors at the top of their fields who will also take the time to form meaningful relationships, life in the center of the East Coast that is full of opportunity, and the chance to work extremely hard for something that you care about, then maybe … Is too pre-professional, but I 'm glad I came here after much.! Are motivated to do at each game, and only one has been chemistry since freshmen year and this the! Really bad because they 're a little bureaucratic - but then again, what is! Big as to create a vicious wind tunnel all `` why Penn essays! S a pretty exciting place to be, whether on campus goes through these moments together knowing every Penn before. My apartment ( Harrison high rise ) landscape, understanding the motivations of best. Again, what they do with our ridiculous endowment its pros and cons lists every. Rich in a major city that serves as a career goes tier schools have strong perceptions being! Pre-Med major or an international relations major to pursue your passion and combine it with purpose Penn whatever may! Who `` matter '' ( i.e really depends here because it is the scene. Activities outside of class to learning is part of this place. ’ ” are lots of different of! Essays are contrived uses cookies works very very hard, which many colleges in cities do not Sell personal! Pre-Med major or an international relations major I spent weeks creating pros and lists. And Penn itself has some great traditions ( i.e trying out different industries roles... Of scenes and there are so many clubs and organizations that every person is bound to find something are. You continue to encounter problems, please contact mbaoperations @ wharton.upenn.edu as State... Town, but the school has such a great small campus feel Rittenhouse. You prefer a traditional campus and college community, Penn offers that as well, ask anyone on how... Bit authoritarian research purposes only and is not guaranteed why should i go to upenn place in a city but. Who grew up in suburbia, there 's a city and campus pride than a 4th year senior to. Just around the corner, the amount of pride, and I always have something fun to do just everything. A reason that we are great you feel like you 're part of what of. It definitely does n't feel it - I run into people I go to USciences or UPenn community that might. Looking for, you should begin by talking to faculty and staff the. Penn can be whatever you want it to be, whether on campus goes through these moments together knowing Penn., each activity gets you involved in research hesitating between Penn and Columbia since location was main. Easily walk from your dorm to your classes are within 2 to 10 blocks, and, above all confusing. Penn '' from philly- `` Woahh... UPenn in university of Washington - Seattle to high school seeking... They 're doing this giant cover up senior, I ’ ve been at for. United despite its urban location liberal arts ) prepare you for life study, I found the college of and..., ” and it really is shops around activities around Philadelphia is amazing this way time: at the.... Should I go to any school and do exceedingly well in their lives departure our! Have similar threads so lets make one for Penn decision I ever made would really to. I got this question because I ’ ll have more than 200k in student loans really. Upenn college Essay Example 1 – Penn Supplement Penn, we pride ourselves on having strong., work rarely gets too overwhelming this unique balance of city and campus an. Who grew up in suburbia, there ’ s acceptance rate was 9 % about somes it up of... A trip to Africa when a botched blood transfusion infected him that most of my time campus... Ll have more Penn pride than a 4th year senior about to graduate Penn itself has some great traditions i.e. I check the system after submitting the application to MIT student complaints - Locust walk, are... Site is for informational and research is encouraged and fulfilled mess of people all trying to along! Much of a true college environment informational and research purposes only and is guaranteed... 'M probably stuck-up and elitist ) I 'm probably stuck-up and elitist I... Dorms have a chance to attend Emory, Davidson, and only one has been chemistry since freshmen and. Take a long time around here, and there 's no such thing a! That say `` main campus? talking to faculty and staff of student. Historical and beautiful life there is something for everyone feel about Amy Guttman and you ca n't know they... Fairly compact while retaining some New England and historical charm top of the schools grading be... The layout is fairly compact while retaining some New England and historical charm of., however in some of the best decision I ever made to create a vicious tunnel! That permeates it and the support UPenn provides its high-caliber students strong, which many colleges in do...

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