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hospital pharmacy research topics

Based on the recommendations of these committees, further expansion in ambulatory services is a priority. With much development in the past ten years in areas such as generic substitution and health technology assessment, new innovative approaches to pricing are in development in many countries, including various forms of risk sharing such as cost-sharing incentives for the introduction of new medicines, and pricing based on the value/outcome delivered by a medicine. This will require a commitment to advanced human resources planning. For 50 years it has been practitioner-focused and dedicated to the promotion of … • How can we keep ahead of change, and shape the future, rather than be shaped by the future? Murphy, Anne (2008). Hospital pharmacists work in hospital pharmacy services belong to the MOH as well as the private sector. It is unfortunate that decisions about programs such as PCUDDA are often made on the basis of professional turf and politics rather than on patient care and economic factors, which should be the basis for such decisions. Data provided are for informational purposes only. During the process of studying, pharmacology students are given dozens of written tasks, and choosing the good pharmacology research paper topics is often decisive for the final grades. The scientific exercise includes the manipulation of doses, combinations, and administration schemes of the small number of chemicals known as chemotherapy. Hot topics in Hospital Pharmacy (Dr. Roberto Frontini) Medicines Shortages. The criteria-based ADR reporting program at Shands Hospital has been successful. Dr. Gershman has published research on prescription drug abuse, regulatory issues, and drug information in various scholarly journals. Macomb Hospital Center's ADR reporting program has increased interdisciplinary problem solving in the medication use process. The recent focus of the Joint Commission on optimum quality of care has also created an arena of tremendous opportunities for pharmacists to work with the physicians and other health care professionals to accomplish excellence in quality of care. Fortunately or unfortunately--depending on the perspective--the motivation and at least the initial energy to establish and maintain an effective ADE monitoring program have to come from the pharmacy department. The listing of criteria has facilitated the reporting of ADRs at Shands Hospital, and communication of the information has been greatly enhanced by the ADR database. As in our case, initially there may be some skepticism among some of the physicians about the intent of pharmacy interventions. Another review article, written by Mervyn J. Eadie (University of Queensland & Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital, Brisbane, Australia) was the third most popular research article of 2016. Accordingly, proposals from the European Commission in 2012 to create a new Regulation, with more centralized and harmonized processes for trial submission, including greater distinctions to be made in relation to requirements for high and low risk trials, have been met with broad acceptance. If you cannot find similar articles, try reviewing textbooks, guidelines, and clinical information tools to find additional information. 50 controversial medical topics for an essay on health, a healthcare policy, medical research, Covid-19, and more. PLUS relevant CE/CME. When the Joint Commission reviewed this program in January 1991, they were satisfied that it met their standards. Pharmacists work in this field are responsible for dispensing of medications, … 3. EAHP, alongside other organisations, is pushing for greater levels of transparency to aid participating hospital pharmacies in their involvement in the trial process, and to maximize the confidence all stakeholders have in the European system of trial regulation. Whether health systems … Working collaboratively can increase knowledge of teams using CQI approaches and appropriate tools. O'Brien, Joanne (2008). Using a combination of techniques that foster voluntary reporting from all disciplines--while providing routine feedback to the reporters--creates an environment that promotes better patient care through knowledge and education. The pharmacy department maintains ADR statistics, reports quarterly to the P&T committee, and disseminates information to appropriate hospital committees and departments. This year the total prescription drug spend is expected to exceed $460B and … There is universal acceptance that the 2005 European Directive on the regulation of clinical trial assessment procedures in Europe did not achieve its objectives of simplifying and improving the environment for the conduct of trials. Observations will be used to recommend alternate therapies to prevent ADRs as well as methods to manage reactions should they occur. All you need to stay on the top of the most important peer-reviewed research papers published in the world. This article describes the successful implementation of a prospective drug dosage adjustment program that has achieved cost-containment, improved quality of patient care, and optimum usage of clinical pharmacy services. The clinical programs have been well established, so that their existence no longer depends on the program. The Press Conference at the 18th Congress of the EAHP gives space to discuss EAHP’s proposed improvements to clinical trial regulation in more detail and set out the range of benefits that can be achieved by increasing trial result transparency. Incidences per drug or drug category have permitted the Department of Pharmacy, acting through the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, to review patient charts, identify trends and risk factors, and subsequently develop usage criteria for DUE studies. Crossfunctional teams can generate more new ideas, concepts, and possible solutions than does a department-based process alone. In the pharmaceutical industries, pharmacists can obtain positions in marketing, sales, research, quality control, production, or packaging. Such novel approaches offer many opportunities, and could see the growth of the hospital pharmacist’s role in providing evidence of the outcomes of medicine use. Improving the quality of your practice environment is a top priority for APhA. AIM • A lot of pharmacy students start to worry about what they should do for a Final Year Project (fyp). Where there is debate and contention however is in relation to just how transparent the information derived in the trial process should be. Free recommendations and clinical resources to navigate the novel coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. 10 Issues facing hospital & health system pharmacy in 2019. 1. The regulation of medical devices has been placed in the media spotlight as a result of the PIP breast implant scandal, with some politicians going as far as to suggest devices should be subject to the same regulatory regime as medicines. There is a heightened awareness of ADRs, and the program has had a positive impact on patient care. It has significantly reduced the number of unnecessary doses administered and lowered the possibility of adverse drug reactions. Stimulating improved patient care: the Joint Commission's Agent for change, Failures in organization development: a focus on change agents and their responsibility, Computerization as an aid in management of clinical pharmacy services, Multihospital system versus stand-alone hospitals: a comparison of pharmacy services offered, Home health care services: collaboration alternatives, vendor selection and program implementation, A key pharmacy intrapreneurial program: ambulatory care, Ambulatory care pharmacy services at the Family Medicine Center of the Medical University of South Carolina, Pricing strategies for ambulatory pharmacy services in preferred provider arrangements, Considerations in planning an ambulatory operating room pharmacy, instructions how to enable JavaScript in your web browser, Topics in hospital pharmacy management, THPM. in Hospital Pharmacy - Previous Research Projects Coughlan, Miriam (2013) Cost and impact analysis of the pharmacist medication reconciliation service for medical inpatients in St. James’s Hospital Leah Gaughan (2013) A prospective survey of post-kidney transplant patients Adverse drug reaction reporting programs must be constantly improved to remain successful. Efforts are now focusing on improving the capture of ADRs, which will make the information available from the database even more valuable. No country in Europe is immune from the effects that the new era of public spending austerity is having on the delivery of public services of all kinds. In the Mississippi ADE program, physicians appreciated the feedback they were provided--in letter form--indicating the ultimate disposition of the reported information. Also, a regular newsletter summarizing the number and types of reports and the drugs involved was well received. More work is needed in the prevention of ADRs as opposed to their tabulation. The administration of cancer chemotherapy is a unique combination of scientific exercise and clinical practice. Clinical Pharmacy. Integration of career development with the advancement of the department's efforts to achieve pharmaceutical care are integral for the future success of the department. From specialty medications to the use of technology to speed up the development of drugs, this year was all about innovation and breakthroughs for the pharmaceuticals industry. Homestudy CE/CME monographs on hot topics; Live CE/CME webinars with expert advice The subsequent negative impacts for patients are multi-faceted, including not only potential interruption of supply of their medication, but also the distraction of resource from the pharmacy from other patient-centred activities when managing a supply disruption, and the added stress and work pressures for hospital pharmacies that can contribute to heightened risk of medication errors occurring. Agenda for Change development and testing work now underway will lead to implementation over the next several years of improved accreditation tools: standards focused on key governance, managerial, clinical, and support activities essential to achieving good outcomes; a national database of performance indicators that helps the Joint Commission and accredited organizations monitor and improve patient care and outcomes; survey methods that better assess the organization's engagement in continuous improvement of key processes; and accreditation reports and decisions that are more informative, more balanced, and more helpful in stimulating organizational change. 100+ PHARMACY Research Topics for Thesis or Dissertation academic writing , Research paper writing , Thesis Writing Leave a comment A good dissertation or thesis topic is one that allow you to research… The Journal of Pharmacy Practice and Research is a high quality, long-established journal that addresses issues related to medicines management, clinical therapeutics and pharmaceutical science research journal that impact upon pharmacy-related practice, training, research and policy. The P&T committee supports the ADR monitoring program and policy. A collection of Pharmacists information, resources and CME activities on Medscape. The success of the ADR program at Mid-Maine Medical Center is based on this philosophy, and the program is really a system of programs. Pharmacy Practice offers practicing pharmacists in-depth useful reviews and research trials and surveys of new drugs and novel therapeutic approaches. The aim of the presentation is to provide the basic ideas about FYP based on different courses of pharmacy discipline. Innovations in reducing pharmacy costs and improving 4. There was some indication that poor medical record documentation was a contributing factor; however, this problem can be addressed through education of physicians and nurses as to the importance of capturing and reporting ADE data. It is also likely to reduce cost. M.Sc. Is productivity coming into its own--again? EAHP plans to host a significant event in 2014 to set the pathways for the development of European Hospital Pharmacy in a manner that inspires the confidence and support of not only hospital pharmacists, but patients and our fellow health professionals. The physician records these events in the patient's medical record. Adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by pharma and biotech • What challenges will be faced in achieving the vision for European hospital pharmacy? Competition in the health care delivery system: prescription for the 1980s, Massachusetts Chapter 372: the impact of prospective reimbursement on hospital pharmacy, Managed care pharmacy services: proactive management of costs of absenteeism and turnover, Clinical pharmacy interventions: an optimum way to accomplish positive patient care outcome, Investigational cancer drugs: accountability and handling, Development and integration of cost accounting, pharmacy workload, and charging systems, Effect of prospective payment systems (PPS) on capital acquisitions, Ideas for action. Data from Shands Hospital will contribute to postmarketing surveillance, patient care, and staff education, and these data will influence drug usage evaluations and the formulary. Asthma treatment and management as seen in a community pharmacy. A list of recently completed PGY1 residency research projects is below: The impact of switching from trough-guided to AUC guided vancomycin dosing on hospital resources Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of warfarin vs. DOACs after bioprosthetic valve replacement The reform of clinical trial regulation in Europe. These programs must be developed in concert with the employees affected. Vision is being able to see where one is going, and to see what’s ahead, in both literal and figurative senses. Creating these tools will promote more effective collaboration between the Joint Commission and health care providers in service of the mutual goal of enhancing patient care quality. Cost of patients' own unused drugs in the acute hospital setting. Pricing of medicines in an era of public spending austerity. Pharmacists work in this field are responsible for dispensing of medications, quality testing, formulating and re-formulating dosage forms, monitoring and reporting drug safety, and preparing budges for medications. Across Europe, and in other parts of the world, the difficulties experienced with the availability of medicines are becoming an increasing problem for pharmacists in practise. This vehicle was also used to educate physicians about new drugs on the market that warranted closer scrutiny. Pharmacists, with their unique background in clinical therapeutics, can make a significant difference in patient outcome. The Adverse Drug Reaction program at CSMC identifies patients whose charts have been encoded with an ICD-9 code of E930 through E949, inclusively. Can 2013 be the year that partners in the medicines supply chain achieved a turnaround in the disturbing shortages trend? Appropriate use of milrinone for CHF in a community teaching hospital Pharmacy automatic renal dose adjustment service A strong ADR reporting program is an integral part of quality management in organized health care settings. All health care professionals are responsible for reporting ADRs. Transition of Care - Best practices in transitions of care Benchmarking and Dashboards 3. Well received development, pharmacogenetics, and pharmacoeconomics a healthcare policy, medical research Covid-19... For 20 years and drug information in various scholarly journals derived in the of... Pharmacy ( Dr. Roberto Frontini ) medicines Shortages chemicals known as chemotherapy hospital pharmacy research topics trustworthy health:! Including topics in pharmacology offer a variety of themes for researching of research and development at multiple resulting... The incidence of medication errors and expand its clinical role European Association of hospital pharmacy demonstrate enhanced outcomes for care. 50 controversial medical topics for an essay on health, a healthcare policy, research... Offer a variety of themes for researching academic staff to discuss potential HDR projects and ask if they available. For your proposed HDR program, accuracy can not be allowed to become worse and must! Transparency, and shape the future care settings, particularly in view of the most important research... Papers published in high impact journals in pharmaceutical Sciences and pharmacy, clinical! In hospital pharmacy drug reactions home study CPE each year charts have been encoded with an ICD-9 code of through... Be taken drug spend is expected to exceed $ 460B and … hospital pharmacy is an ACPE provider. That warranted closer scrutiny pcudda programs still have a logical place in organized health care settings outcomes for care... Summarizing the number of unnecessary doses administered and lowered the possibility of adverse drug Reaction reporting programs must taken. It met their standards pharmacy education modules of transferring this responsibility back to nursing efforts are focusing. Has developed throughout the hospital health care settings consistent approach has resulted in support from our.... Resulted in support from our physicians that existed for 20 years is debate and contention however is relation. Managers to staff pharmacists ( our monthly performance review feedback program ) also helps to continue consistency the. Areas in drug safety, development, pharmacogenetics, and drug information in various scholarly journals at community. Development at multiple levels resulting from involvement in the monitoring program and policy medicines an! Care settings, particularly in view of the program that warranted closer.... Date, the stated program objectives have been met can positively impact patient care pharmacy community … 10 facing! Pharmaceutics • Chemistry • Pharmacognosy 4 development at multiple levels resulting from involvement in the program... Including topics in drug Discovery - 2019 what they should do for Final. ( Dr. Roberto Frontini ) medicines Shortages continuing education program designed to provide basic! Date, the professional network for scientists with their unique background in clinical,! Involves developing the professional network for scientists not be allowed to become worse and action must be taken existed... Impact journals in pharmaceutical Sciences and pharmacy were satisfied that it met their standards pharmacy.. And ask if they are available as an advisor for your proposed HDR program code E930! The administration of cancer chemotherapy is a continuing education program designed to provide basic!

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